Social Media (3rd party websites)

The basic idea of all the Social Media sites are the same:

  1. You need to create an "App" and configure your site to use that "App". This is done by the admin.

  2. Each user who wants to, can link their account with the Social Media site and FCMS. This is done by each user.


This works with the optional Section called 'Where Is Everyone'. You will need to turn this on. If it's turned on, it will show the places people have checked into.


This allows users who connect their FB accounts to be able to login or register with the site. Users can also send status updates from FCMS to FB. In the future users will be able to import photos, address info, etc.


This is required to use the Video Gallery. FCMS doesn't actually store any videos, they are all hosted at YouTube. Each user will need a YouTube account to be able to upload, but will not need one to view other users' videos.

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